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My name is SeverinI am a writer, developer, and data enthusiast. My passion is the intersection of technology and information and my goal is to help people navigate an increasingly complex information landscape.

This website contains a variety of my writing--mostly about technology, but about other things as well. I find that writing is the best way to learn new things. If I'm curious about something, I tend to write about it. Although I work hard to ensure that the content on this website is accurate, I'm sure there are mistakes. Feel free to reach out if you find one. If you prefer, most of these articles are also available on Medium.

If you're interested in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and language, I encourage you to check out my other blog, Lemmalytica. The look and feel is very similar to this site, but the focus is squarely on NLP-related topics.

Thank you for visiting--I hope that you enjoy my articles, blog posts, and various ramblings!


If something on this site catches your attention, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email. I would love to hear your feedback, questions, thoughts, ideas, comments, complaints, etc.

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