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On Deep Work

March 09, 2020
In 2016, Cal Newport introduced a new term into the business lexicon: deep work. It’s an idea that has since taken hold of disaffected knowledge workers everywhere, due in no small part to the promise that they could finally start doing what they were hired to do--create value. More importantly, intertwined with this promise is something more nebulous--something fragile and fleeting. Dare we call it self-actualization?

Reflections on Clean Code

September 10, 2018
One of the most important elements of a software engineer’s personal development is reading. In a field so vast, and so varied, constant reading is important both for building foundational knowledge and exploring branch knowledge. And as in any profession where the written word plays a large role, software has it’s 'must read' books. One of those, is Clean Code, by Robert C. Martin.

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