Severin Perez


The Future of the Craft Cocktail

September 21, 2014
When I ask Derek Brown about the future of the craft cocktail, his answer is unequivocal, “it’s not a trend anymore.” In a town where bluster is an art form, Brown’s certainty is strangely convincing. Of course, it helps that he has a resume to back it up. Brown was a James Beard Award Semifinalist for Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional in 2010, and his Washington DC bar, The Columbia Room, was twice a semifinalist for Outstanding Bar Program (2012; 2014). And that’s in addition to his four other downtown DC bars and restaurants, his writing, and his appearances in the media. Brown isn’t just a bartender, he’s a historian, an anthropologist, a cocktail evangelist, and most importantly, someone who enjoys a good drink.

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