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Graceful Error Handling in JavaScript

August 15, 2018
If there’s one thing that every programmer knows for sure, it’s that nothing ever works perfectly, every time, all the time. Errors are a part of daily programming life and learning to deal with them gracefully is an important part of writing good code. Like most fundamental concepts in coding, error-handling is an immense topic full of complexity; however, we can learn a lot just from understanding the basics.

JavaScript Data Types and Mutability

August 08, 2018
One of the most fundamental concepts in programming is the idea of *data types*. It’s a concept that is shared near-universally across major programming languages. In short, data types are instructions to a program’s compiler (or interpreter) regarding how it should handle a given value.

Making Sense of Closures in JavaScript

August 01, 2018
One of the most powerful features of JavaScript is the concept of closure. It is this feature that lets us do things like create private data and define application interfaces. However, for new JavaScript programmers, the idea of closures, and how to use them, can be a bit confusing.

Understanding Links on the JavaScript Object Prototype Chain

July 18, 2018
One of the things software developers think about a lot is how to DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) up their code. The reason for this is relatively simple. The more you can reuse your code, the easier your codebase is to maintain. If you have two objects that share behavior, why define that behavior in two places? And if you do, what happens if you need to change something later?

An Introduction to Iteration and Enumerability in JavaScript

July 08, 2018
One of the most common tasks for a developer is iteration. Sometimes the purpose is to carry out a particular operation with each value in a data structure. Other times the goal is to transform the data structure itself. Still other times the intent is to operate on the data structure as a whole, such as in the summing of a list of values.

An Introduction to First-Class Functions in JavaScript

June 24, 2018
JavaScript, for all of its power and expressiveness, is a language that refuses categorization. Some prefer to use it in the object-oriented style and others in the functional style. And the mere fact that it can be used in either tells us something about JavaScript’s dynamism. JavaScript is a flexible language that provides a wealth of features that, if well understood, can be leveraged in powerful ways.

Fundamental Object Design Patterns in JavaScript

June 17, 2018
As a JavaScript developer, much of the code you will be writing will deal with objects. We create objects to help organize code, reduce redundancy, and reason about problems using object-oriented techniques. The benefits of object-oriented design are readily apparent, but recognizing the usefulness of objects is just the first step. Once you have decided to use an object-oriented structure in your code, the next step is to decide *how* to do it.

What in the World is this?!

June 09, 2018
If you’re like me, then one of your first thoughts when you started reading JavaScript code was “why in the world is 'this' written all over the place?!” It is a strange syntax indeed, and confusing to read about because “this” is one of the most common words in the English language! Rest assured though, with a little practice you’ll master the necessary mental gymnastics to understand 'this'.

All About Scope

May 24, 2018
Scope got you down? No problem! This article is all about scope--one of the most fundamental parts of the JavaScript we know and love. Scope defines what is visible to whom, and where--with the what being some variable, the where being some point of execution in your program, and the whom being your friendly neighborhood functions.

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